Instructions for e-poster presenters

Basic information: Electronic posters only – no paper

  • We are happy to announce that e-posters will be presented at the EUROCORR 2023 Congress. All posters will be displayed in the form of e-posters. There will be no exhibition of traditional hardcopy (printed on paper) posters.
  • Please keep in mind that no paper posters will be accepted.

What is an e-poster?

An e-poster is an electronic poster displayed on computer screens instead of printed on paper as a traditional poster.

How is my e-poster being displayed?

  • All e-posters will be made available for viewing at e-poster kiosks that will be located in a poster area at the Congress venue.
  • In addition, e-posters will be displayed in a password protected part of the congress website and in the EUROCORR 2023 mobile app.

How can I upload my e-poster?

  • Authors of abstracts accepted for e-poster presentation will be able to upload their e-posters via a dedicated EUROCORR 2023 e-poster submission module.
  • The e-poster submission module will be open in mid-July 2023.

Deadline for submitting e-posters

  • Presenters are required to submit their e-posters in PDF format before the congress. Please submit your e-poster by Tuesday 8 August 2023.

How to create an e-Poster

  • Applications like MS PowerPoint or specialized graphics applications (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) can be used for implementation of the e-poster.
  • Size of the document should be 52 × 70 cm (width × height).
  • Please prepare your e-poster using a PowerPoint slide template that is available be  low.
  • Save the final e-poster as a PDF file (300 dpi). The size of the PDF file should not be bigger than 10 MB.
  • Only e-posters in PDF format prepared using the template are accepted.

PowerPoint e-poster slide template

  • Please download a PowerPoint slide template here.
  • The maximum number of slides is 3. Please do not create e-posters with more slides. E-posters containing more than 3 slides will not be accepted.
  • The template contains 3 slides. If your e-poster consists of 1 or 2 slides, delete unused slides.
  • Dimensions of slides are set to 52 × 70 cm (width × height). Please do not change them.
  • Dimensions of the screen at the kiosk are 52 × 70 cm, i.e. they are identical to the dimensions of the slide.
  • It is possible to scroll between slides when the poster is displayed at the kiosk.
  • Zoom function is implemented in the e-poster kiosks, therefore any detail like image or graph can be zoomed in.
  • Recommended font size regarding the document in width of 52 cm:
    • Recommended font size for the main text of the e-poster is 23 points.
    • Recommended minimum font size is 18–20 points (for notes, references etc.).


  • It is possible to attach 1 video in MP4 format to an e-poster.
  • The video file should not be bigger than 30 MB.
  • The maximum duration of the video is 1 minute. If the duration is longer than 1 minute, you will not be allowed to present the video during an e-poster session.
  • How to attach a video to an e-poster:
    • Upload a separate video file in addition to a PDF file containing an e-poster. The on-line form for submitting e-posters includes a dedicated field for uploading a video file.
    • Place an image with a caption “Video – title of the video” in the e-poster.
      • If possible, please add a “Play” icon to your image (the icon in grey is available here, the icon in white is available here). If you cannot add the “Play” icon, our technicians will add it. Find an example of an image with added “Play” icon here.
      • Our technicians will link the image to the video file.
      • When an e-poster is displayed on an e-poster kiosk, viewers will be able to start the video by tapping the relevant image.
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